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Packet Design multi-purpose C library for embedded applications.

The Packet Design Embedded Library (PDEL) is a kitchen sink C library containing an assorted collection of code useful for developing embedded applications: - C data structure run-time introspection library - Threaded HTTP client/server library with SSL and XML-RPC support - PPP library using netgraph(4) with PPTP and L2TP servers - Application configuration framework - Heap memory accounting and sanity checking - Generic template processing library - Routines to configure networking interfaces, ARP and routing tables - Logging library - Generic TCP server - Generic hash table implementation - Generic balanced tree implementation - Miscellaneous FILE * enhancements - Base-64 encoding/decoding - Events and actions with automated locking - Generalized per-thread variables - Message ports - Digital signature creation/verification - Filesystem mounting/unmounting - String quoting/parsing

Version: 0.6.1 License: Permissive and BSD GitHub
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