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Internet Junkbuster Proxy with zlib compression support

This is a port of The Internet Junkbuster Proxy(TM). An excelent way to enhance your privacy while browsing the web. And it also happens to do a great job of filtering out all those annoying banner ads! This modified version allows one to specify appearance of blocked GIFs. It can automatically compress text/html and text/plain documents for clients which support Accept-Encoding: gzip (e.g. Netscape 4.7, Internet Explorer 5, Lynx 2.8.3) to save downstream modem/network bandwidth. It uses the zlib compression library to perform on-the-fly compression of HTML documents.

Version: 2.0.2p1.1 License: GPL-2+ GitHub
Maintainers No Maintainer
Categories net www
Homepage http://f2.org/products/ijb-zlib/
Platforms darwin
  • universal (Build for multiple architectures)

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A startup item has been generated that will aid in starting junkbuster with launchd. It is disabled by default. Execute the following command to start it, and to cause it to launch at startup:

sudo port load junkbuster

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