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A Git-compatible DVCS that is both simple and powerful

Jujutsu is a Git-compatible DVCS. It combines features from Git (data model, speed), Mercurial (anonymous branching, simple CLI free from "the index", revsets, powerful history-rewriting), and Pijul/Darcs (first-class conflicts), with features not found in most of them (working-copy-as-a-commit, undo functionality, automatic rebase, safe replication via rsync, Dropbox, or distributed file system). The command-line tool is called jj for now because it's easy to type and easy to replace (rare in English). The project is called "Jujutsu" because it matches "jj".

Version: 0.18.0 License: Apache-2 GitHub
Maintainers herbygillot
Categories devel
Homepage https://github.com/martinvonz/jj
Platforms darwin
  • universal (Build for multiple architectures)

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