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Janet Project Manager

JPM is the Janet Project Manager tool. It is for automating builds and downloading dependencies of Janet projects.

Version: 20220615 License: MIT GitHub
Maintainers tsujp
Categories devel
Platforms darwin
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Port notes

jpm is required to use MacPorts managed jpm packages (e.g. janet-joy) even though you could install joy yourself using jpm. This is because jpm builds those packages and is not included with janet by default.

If you want to globally install a package it is recommended you install the MacPorts port instead which are all available with the prefix 'janet-', so for 'uri' it would be janet-uri and for 'joy', janet-joy.

$ port install janet-joy

You can locally install jpm packages to individual projects by first changing to their directory and invoking jpm with the --local flag. You must keep using --local for things like listing your installed packages if you want them specific to your project, in this case foo. See man 1 jpm for more information regarding jpm's options.

$ cd ~/projects/foo && jpm install --local joy
$ cd ~/projects/foo && jpm list-installed --local

This way you can have (or not) a globally installed janet-joy and a specific version local to a project you're working on via the above command. To delete installed packages simply delete your project's jpm_tree folder which you can think of being similar to node_modules in the npm ecosystem.

If you elect to use only jpm to globally install packages they will not be cleaned up by MacPorts if you uninstall jpm or janet because MacPorts cannot track these files. The special 'janet-' prefixed ports are tracked hence 'janet-joy' etc.

Note: use of sudo in the above commands depends on whether your MacPorts is installed to a directory owned by the root user.

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