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Gqrx is a software defined radio (SDR) receiver using GNU Radio, OSMOSDR, and Qt5.

Gqrx is a software defined radio receiver for Funcube Dongle (FCD), RTL2832U-based DVB-T devices (RTL-SDR), Universal Software Radio Peripherals (USRP) and Osmo SDR devices. Gqrx is powered by GNU Radio and the Qt5 GUI toolkit. Gqrx is free and open source software and anyone is invited to hack the source code to suit their needs.

Version: 2.15.9 License: GPL-3 and BSD GitHub
Maintainers michaelld ra1nb0w
Categories science comms
Platforms darwin macosx
  • debug (Enable debug binaries)
  • iqbal (Enable automatic I/Q phase and gain correction with gr-iqbal)

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