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GPS service daemon

GPSD is a service daemon that handles GPSes and other navigation-related sensors reporting over USB, serial, TCP/IP, or UDP connections and presents reports in a well-documented JSON format. The package also includes a number of clients which can be run against a local GPSD or a GPSD on another machine.

Version: 3.22 License: BSD GitHub
Maintainers michaelld fhgwright
Categories net
Platforms darwin
  • dbus (Include support for DBUS)
  • libusb (Include support for better USB device discovery)
  • plot (Include gpsplot client (dependency-intensive))
  • python27 (Build gpsd to use Python 2.7)
  • python35 (Build gpsd to use Python 3.5)
  • python36 (Build gpsd to use Python 3.6)
  • python37 (Build gpsd to use Python 3.7)
  • python38 (Build gpsd to use Python 3.8)
  • python39 (Build gpsd to use Python 3.9)
  • qt (Build Qt4 bindings)
  • xgps (Include xgps/xgpsspeed X11 clients (dependency-intensive))

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