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A human-friendly and fast alternative to cut and (sometimes) awk

A human-friendly and fast alternative to cut and (sometimes) awk. The awk command is not ideal for rapid shell use, with its requisite quoting of a line wrapped in curly braces, even for the simplest of programs. Likewise, cut is far from ideal for rapid shell use, because of its confusing syntax. Field separators and ranges are just plain difficult to get right on the first try. Hence choose. It is not meant to be a drop-in or complete replacement for either of the aforementioned tools, but rather a simple and intuitive tool to reach for when the basics of awk or cut will do, but the overhead of getting them to behave should not be necessary.

Version: 1.3.4 License: GPL-3 GitHub
Maintainers herbygillot
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Platforms darwin
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