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Driver for Brother laser printers

brlaser is an open-source driver for Brother-branded monochrome laser printers, useful on systems where the proprietary driver is not available.

Version: 6 License: GPL-2+ GitHub
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Port notes

brlaser has installed a collection of PostScript Printer Description (PPD)
files to the following directory:


Each file corresponds to a particular Brother laser printer model. (In many
cases, choosing an incorrect PPD file will still print correctly.)

To install a printer, plug in your printer and open the Print & Fax pane
in System Preferences. Click the + sign to add a printer, then locate the
Use (or Print Using) button and choose Other. Navigate to the PPD file
corresponding to your printer to install it.

For example, the PPD file for a Brother HL-L2300D can be found here:


The brlaser MacPorts package must remain installed on the system in order
to print to any printers added in this way.


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