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MacVim is a GUI version of vim for macOS

MacVim is a port of the text editor Vim to macOS that is meant to integrate seamlessly with the native user interface.

Version: 9.1.release179 License: Vim and GPL-2+ GitHub
Maintainers raimue
Categories editors
Platforms darwin
  • big (Build big feature set)
  • cscope (Enable source code browsing with cscope)
  • huge (Build huge feature set)
  • lua (Enable Lua scripting)
  • perl (Enable Perl scripting)
  • ruby (Compatibility variant, requires +ruby18)
  • ruby18 (Enable Ruby scripting)
  • ruby19 (Enable Ruby scripting)
  • ruby20 (Enable Ruby scripting)
  • ruby21 (Enable Ruby scripting)
  • ruby22 (Enable Ruby scripting)
  • ruby23 (Enable Ruby scripting)
  • ruby24 (Enable Ruby scripting)
  • ruby25 (Enable Ruby scripting)
  • ruby30 (Enable Ruby scripting)
  • tcl (Enable Tcl scripting)
  • xim (Build with support for X Input Method)

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