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MPEG-2 video stream recompressesion

M2VDownsizer is a tool that re-compresses MPEG-2 (or m2v) video streams. In other words, M2VDownsizer will perform a complete decompression and recompression of MPEG-2 video streams for the best possible video quality. M2VDownsizer accepts the raw MPEG-2 (or m2v) video data (not VOB) from the standard input and writes the recompressed video frames to the standard output. Be forewarned! Decompression and recompression could take hours for large MPEG-2 video streams! It is recommended that one first tries transcoding MPEG-2 streams using M2VRequantiser since transcoding is a lot faster and produces excellent results for most MPEG-2 video streams. M2VDownsizer is only intended to be used for large MPEG-2 video streams when transcoding does not produce acceptable results.


To install M2VDownsizer, paste this in macOS terminal after installing MacPorts

sudo port install M2VDownsizer

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