Total 31 Port(s) with Variant: with_docs
Name Version Description
ArtResources 0.1.2 FreeFonts and Vera fonts for gnustep art backend.
Etoile 0.1.9 GNUstep based user environement
Etoile-devel 0.1.9 GNUstep based user environement
GMastermind 0.5 The well-known mastermind game.
GMines 0.1 The well-known minesweeper game.
GNUMail 1.2.0pre3 Fully featured mail application using GNUStep or Cocoa.
gnustep 0.18.1 GNUstep meta port
gnustep-back 0.17.0 A back-end component for the GNUstep GUI Library.
gnustep-base 1.19.1 A library of general-purpose Objective C objects.
gnustep-core 0.18.1 GNUstep core / Startup package
gnustep-dl2 0.10.1 GNUstep Database Library 2 (GDL2)
gnustep-gui 0.17.0 A library of graphical user interface Objective C classes
gorm 1.2.1 Graphical Object Relationship Modeller
gworkspace 0.8.6 GNUstep's Workspace Manager.
HighlighterKit 0.1 Syntax highlighting framework
Jigsaw 0.5 Simulates a jigsaw puzzle.
KeyArcher 0.1 An interactive keyed-archive explorer.
netclasses 1.06 Asynchronous networking library
Pantomime 1.2.0pre3 a framework for supporing POP, IMAP3, and SMTP
Performance 0.2.5 Performance measuring classes
plconv 0.1 Convert between different property list formats
PreferencePanes 1.0.1 GNUstep's PreferencePanes.
PRICE 1.3.0 A high-quality image manipulation and enhancement application.
ProjectCenter 0.6.2 GNUstep's integrated developement environment (IDE).
ProjectManager 0.2 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for GNUstep
Renaissance 0.8.0 create user interfaces via XML files
SQLClient 1.2.0 Simple OO Interface to SQL databases
system-preferences 1.0.1 GNUstep's System Preferences.
TalkSoup 1.0alpha IRC client for GNUstep.
WizardKit 0.1 Wizard-style setup framework
yap-app 0.2 PostScript/PDF previewer

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