Total 14 Port(s) with Variant: server
Name Version Description
boxbackup 0.11.1 completely automatic on-line backup system.
inetutils 1.9.4 Inetutils is a collection of common network programs, including ftp, telnet, rsh, rlogin, tftp and the corresponding daemons.
mailutils 3.6 General-Purpose Mail Packages
makuosan 1.2.1 Makuosan(MAKUO for short) is a software which transfer files to multiple servers simultaneously using UDP multicast.
munin 2.0.61 Extensible system monitoring tool
mysql4 4.1.22 Multithreaded SQL database server
perforce 2010.1 Fast source code management system
postgresql7 7.4.24 The most advanced open-source database available anywhere
qgis3 3.14.0 QGIS 3 is a user-friendly GIS based on Qt 5
SDRangel 4.14.15 SDRangel is an Open Source Qt5 / OpenGL 3.0+ SDR and signal analyzer frontend to various hardware.
tao 6.5.2 The ACE ORB CORBA real-time middleware
tftp-hpa 5.2 Enhanced port of the BSD TFTP server
vm-pop3d 1.1.6 POP3 server for Postfix that supports virtual domains and mailboxes
yacas 1.3.2 Yet Another Computer Algebra System

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2020-07-13 00:50 (UTC)

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