Total 50 Port(s) with Variant: python35
Name Version Description
boost 1.71.0 Collection of portable C++ source libraries
boost-numpy 1.71.0 Boost.Numpy library
cmake 3.17.3 Cross-platform make
eog-plugins 3.26.4 Extra plugins for the Eye of GNOME image viewer
flann 1.9.1 Fast Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors
gdb 9.2 GDB: The GNU Project Debugger
gexiv2 0.10.10 gexiv2 is a GObject-based wrapper around the exiv2 library.
gnome-music 3.24.2 Music is the GNOME music playing application.
gnuradio-next 20191003-5099fd9a GNU Radio is Software Defined Radio (SDR)
gpsd 3.20 GPS service daemon
gpsd-devel 20190817-a4ecde71 Obsolete port, replaced by gpsd
gramps 5.1.1 Gramps is a genealogy program
grass7 7.8.3 GRASS
grc 1.11.3 Generic Colouriser for colourising logfiles and output of commands
gvfs 1.36.2 The Gnome Virtual File System.
htcondor 8.8.1 specialized workload management system for compute-intensive jobs
libiio 0.20 libiio is used to interface to the Industrial Input/Output (IIO) Subsystem
libpeas 1.26.0 libpeas is a GObject-based plugins engine
libproxy 0.4.15 A library that provides automatic proxy configuration management.
libpwquality 1.4.0 A library for password quality checking and the generation of random passwords that pass the checks.
libsbml 5.17.0 The Systems Biology Markup Language library
nanogui 20200404-21e5cbc8 minimalistic C++/Python GUI library for OpenGL, GLES2/3, Metal, and WebAssembly/WebGL
octave-symbolic 2.9.0 Symbolic toolbox based on SymPy.
ompl 1.5.0 The Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL)
opencv 3.4.10 Intel(R) Open Source Computer Vision Library
paraview 5.6.2 3D data analysis and visualization application
PDAL 2.1.0 PDAL - Point Cloud Manipulation Library
PothosLiquidDSP 0.0.0-git-20200209 Pothos toolkit for liquid DSP processing cores
pybombs 2.3.3 Python Build Overlay Managed Bundle System
pybombs-devel 20191121-4c8dc5b1 Python Build Overlay Managed Bundle System
pymol 2.4.0 Molecular graphics system
qgis3 3.14.0 QGIS 3 is a user-friendly GIS based on Qt 5
quickfix 1.14.3 FIX engine implementation
root5 5.34.37 ROOT is a data analysis framework from CERN
root6 6.22.00 ROOT is a data analysis framework from CERN
rsgislib 3.7.54a RSGISlib - Remote Sensing and GIS Library
salt 3000.3 Salt is a Python-based remote execution, automation, configuration, and orchestration engine.
spot 2.9 Spot is an object-oriented model checking library written in C++.
totem 3.24.0 Official movie player of the GNOME desktop environment
uhd USRP Hardware Driver for Ettus Research Products
uhd-39lts 3.9-LTS USRP Hardware Driver for Ettus Research Products
uhd-devel 20191107-eb448043 USRP Hardware Driver for Ettus Research Products
vigra 1.11.1 Generic Image Processing Library for C++
volk 2.3.0 Vector-Optimized Library of Kernels
wireshark3 3.2.4 Graphical network analyzer and capture tool
wireshark30 3.0.9 Graphical network analyzer and capture tool
xorg-libxcb 1.14 libxcb
xorg-xcb-proto 1.14 xcb-proto
youtube-dl 2020.06.16.1 command-line program to download videos from and other sites
znc 1.7.4 An advanced IRC bouncer

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