Total 24 Port(s) with Variant: lua
Name Version Description
collectd 5.8.0 flexible daemon periodically collecting system statistics data
elinks 0.11.7 text mode web browser
elinks-devel 0.12pre6 Full-Featured Text WWW Browser
graphviz 2.40.1 graph visualization software
graphviz-devel 2.41.20171026.1811 graph visualization software
hexchat 2.14.2 IRC client based on XChat
kyototycoon 0.9.56 Kyoto Tycoon is a lightweight database server.
MacVim 8.1.snapshot161 MacVim is a GUI version of vim for macOS
neomutt 20200501 The Mutt E-Mail Client (patched version with added features)
nginx 1.19.0 High-performance HTTP(S) server, HTTP(S) reverse proxy and IMAP/POP3 proxy server
pdns-recursor 4.2.0 a high-end, high-performance resolving name server
plplot 5.15.0 Scientific plotting package, double precision version
plplot-single 5.15.0 Scientific plotting package, single precision version
redland-bindings Redland RDF Language Bindings
shogun 2.1.0 The machine-learning toolbox's focus is on large-scale kernel methods
tokyotyrant 1.1.41 Tokyo Cabinet remote server
vim 8.1.2234 Vi "workalike" with many additional features
weechat 2.7.1 Fast, light & extensible IRC client
weechat-devel 2.5-dev-20190424 Fast, light & extensible IRC client
wireshark2 2.6.13 Graphical network analyzer and capture tool
wireshark22 2.2.10 Graphical network analyzer and capture tool
wireshark3 3.2.4 Graphical network analyzer and capture tool
wireshark30 3.0.9 Graphical network analyzer and capture tool
xraylib 3.3.0 A library for X-ray matter interaction cross sections

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2020-07-08 05:53 (UTC)

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2020-07-08 04:37 (UTC)

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2020-07-08 07:23 (UTC)