Total 11 Port(s) with Variant: initialize_always
Name Version Description
adblock2privoxy 2.0.1 Convert adblock config files to privoxy format
calendar-contacts-server 9.3.20190916 Apple Calendar and Contacts Server configuration
macos-fortress 2020.06.18 Firewall, Blackhole, and Privatizing Proxy for Trackers, Attackers, Malware, Adware, and Spammers
macos-fortress-dshield 2020.06.18 DShield is a community-based collaborative firewall log correlation system.
macos-fortress-easylistpac 2020.06.18 EasyList Tracker and Adblocks to Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) File
macos-fortress-emergingthreats 2020.06.18 Emerging Threats rule server.
macos-fortress-hosts 2020.06.18 A community managed and maintained hosts file.
macos-fortress-hphosts 2020.06.18 A community managed and maintained hosts file.
macos-fortress-pf 2020.06.18 PF Firewall with dhield, emergingthreats, and adaptive bruteforce blocks
macos-fortress-proxy 2020.06.18 Blackhole and Privatizing Proxy.
mail-server 1.2 Mail server configuration

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2020-07-07 15:53 (UTC)

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2020-07-07 15:42 (UTC)

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2020-07-07 16:20 (UTC)