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kfloppy 4.14.3 Format floppy disks.
kfourinline 4.14.3 KFourInLine is a board game for two players based on the Connect-Four game.
kgeography 4.14.3 Geography Trainer
kget 4.14.3 KGet is a versatile and user-friendly download manager.
kgoldrunner 4.14.3 KGoldrunner is a maze-threading game with a puzzle flavor.
kgpg 4.14.3 Control your GPG keys.
kgraphviewer 2.2.0 GraphViz dot graph viewer for KDE
khangman 4.14.3 hangman game
kig 4.14.3 Interactive Geometry
kigo 4.14.3 Kigo is an open-source implementation of the popular Go game.
killbots 4.14.3 Killbots is a simple game of evading killer robots.
kimono 4.14.3 C# binding for KDE.
kiriki 4.14.3 Kiriki is an addictive and fun dice game for KDE.
kiten 4.14.3 Japanese Reference/Study Tool
kjumpingcube 4.14.3 KJumpingcube is a simple dice driven tactical game.
klettres 4.14.3 Learn the Alphabet
klickety 4.14.3 Klickety is a kind of solitary game that takes place on a Tetris-like board.
klines 4.14.3 KLines is a simple but highly addictive, one player game for KDE.
kmahjongg 4.14.3 In KMahjongg the tiles are scrambled and staked on top of each other to resemble a certain shape.
kmines 4.14.3 KMines is the classic Minesweeper game.
kmix 4.14.3 KMix is an application to allow you to change the volume of your sound card.
kmplot 4.14.3 Mathematical Function Plotter
kmymoney4 4.8.4+20200617-f76ab094 kmymoney version 4
kmymoney4-devel 4.8.4-20191119 Obsolete port, replaced by kmymoney4
knavalbattle 4.14.3 Naval Battle is a Battle Ship game for KDE.
knetwalk 4.14.3 KNetwalk is a single player logic game.
koffice2-devel The KDE Office suite. KOffice is built on the KDE4 platform
kolf 4.14.3 Kolf is a miniature golf game with 2d top-down view.
kollision 4.14.3 A simple ball dodging game.
kolourpaint 4.14.3 KolourPaint is a free, easy-to-use paint program for KDE.
kompare 4.14.3 KDE Diff vizualization program
konquest 4.14.3 Konquest is the KDE version of Gnu-Lactic Konquest.
konsole 4.14.3 Konsole is the terminal emulator for the K Desktop Environment.
konversation 1.5.1 KDE IRC client.
kopete 4.14.3 KDE-based instant messenger
korundum 4.14.3 Binding to Ruby for KDE.
kpat 4.14.3 KPat (aka KPatience) is a relaxing card sorting game.
kqtquickcharts 4.14.3 Interactive charts for Qt Quick 1.0
krdc 4.14.3 KDE Remote Desktop Client
kreversi 4.14.3 KReversi is a simple one player strategy game played against the computer.
kross-interpreters 4.14.3 WEB Development package for the K Desktop Environment.
kruler 4.14.3 KRuler displays on screen a ruler measuring pixels.
krusader 2.4.0-beta3 Advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE.
ksaneplugin 4.14.3 Plugin for sane support.
kscd 4.14.3 KsCD is a small, fast, CDDB enabled audio CD player which supports multiple platforms.
kshisen 4.14.3 KShisen is a solitaire-like game played using the standard set of Mahjong tiles.
ksirk 4.14.3 KsirK is a computerized version of a well known strategy board game.
ksnakeduel 4.14.3 KSnakeDuel is a simple Tron-Clone You can play KSnakeDuel against the computer or a friend.
kspaceduel 4.14.3 In KSpaceduel each of two possible players controls a satellite spaceship orbiting the sun.
ksquares 4.14.3 KSquares is a fun and exciting game for desktop environment.
kst 2.0.8 Plots scientific data
kstars 4.14.3 KStars is a Desktop Planetarium for KDE.
ksudoku 4.14.3 KSudoku is a logic-based symbol placement puzzle.
ksystemlog 4.14.3 KDE task scheduler
ktimer 4.14.3 Execute programs after some time.
ktoblzcheck 1.53 a library to check bank account numbers and bank codes
ktorrent4 4.3.1 KDE4 bittorrent client, version 4.
ktouch 4.14.3 Touch Typing Tutor
ktuberling 4.14.3 KTuberling a simple constructor game suitable for children and adults alike.
kturtle 4.14.3 Educational Programming Environment
kubrick 4.14.3 Kubrick is a game based on the Rubik's Cubeā„¢ puzzle.
kuser 4.14.3 Tool for managing users and groups on your system.
kwallet 4.14.3 Manage your passwords on KDE.
kwordquiz 4.14.3 Flash Card Trainer
kyotocabinet 1.2.78 Kyoto Cabinet is a library of routines for managing a database.
kyototycoon 0.9.56 Kyoto Tycoon is a lightweight database server.
lapack 3.9.0 Linear Algebra PACKage
lastpass-cli 1.3.3 command line interface to
lastpass-cli-doc 1.3.3 Documentation for command line interface to
laszip 3.4.1 LASzip is a library to handle compressed point cloud data
lbzip2 2.5 lbzip2 - parallel bzip2 compression utility
ledger 3.2.1 A command-line, double-entry accounting tool.
lensfun 0.3.2 Library for fixing lens geometry distortion
lib2geom 1.0.0 2Geom is a computational geometry library intended for use with 2D vector graphics.
libad9361-iio 20200331-c5ba32be libad9361-iio is an IIO AD9361 library for filter design and handling, multi-chip sync, and more
libaes_siv 1.0.0 A C implementation of AES-SIV
libalkimia 8.0.3 Common Alkimia classes.
libbert 20131017 LibBERT is a BERT (Binary ERlang Term) library for C++ and C.
libbiosig 1.8.4 I/O library for biomedical data
libbson 1.17.0 library for using BSON documents
libcaer 2.4.0 Minimal C library to access, configure and get/send AER data
libccd 2.1 A library for collision detection between convex shapes
libcec 4.0.5 USB CEC Adapter communication Library
libcerf 1.13 Library for complex error functions
libdbi 0.8.4 Database independent abstraction layer for C
libdbi-drivers 0.8.3-1 Drivers for libdbi
libdevil 1.8.0 Library to develop applications with powerful image loading capabilities
libdynd 0.7.2 LibDyND is a C++ library for dynamic, multidimensional arrays.
libebml 1.3.10 EBML (Extensible Binary Meta Language), sort of binary version of XML.
libebur128 1.2.4 loudness measure according to EBU R128
libemos 4.5.9 Interpolation library
libevt 20140731 Library and tooling to access the Windows Event Log (EVT) format
libfmt 6.2.0 an open-source formatting library
libframe 8.40.1 LIGO/VIRGO Frame Library
libftdi1 1.5 A library to talk to FTDI chips
libgit2 0.28.5 A portable, pure C implementation of the Git core methods
libgpuarray 0.7.6 Library to manipulate tensors on the GPU.
libharu 2.3.0 a free, cross platform, open source library for generating PDF files
libhsplasma 0.0-20111023 library for reading Plasma game engine files
libical 3.0.8 An implementation of iCalendar protocols and data formats

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