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kdeadmin 4.14.3 KDE4 admin tools - Meta package
kdeartwork 4.14.3 This package contains additional themes, screensaver, sounds, wallpapers, widget styles and window styles for KDE.
kdebindings4 4.14.3 Scripting bindings packages for KDE - Meta package
kde-dev-scripts 4.14.3 KDE Developer convenience scripts
kde-dev-utils 4.14.3 KDE developer utilities
kdeedu4 4.14.3 Education based applications for the KDE4 platform
kde-extra-cmake-modules 5.59.0 Extra modules and scripts for CMake.
kde-extra-cmake-modules-devel Extra modules and scripts for CMake.
kdegames4 4.14.3 A variety of games made with the KDE4 development platform
kdegraphics4 4.14.3 KDE4 graphics applications - Meta package
kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer 4.14.3 Component of kdegraphics
kdegraphics-thumbnailers 4.14.3 Component of kdegraphics.
kde-l10n-ar 4.14.3 KDE arabic language files.
kde-l10n-bg 4.14.3 KDE bulgarian language files.
kde-l10n-bs 4.14.3 KDE bosnian language files.
kde-l10n-ca 4.14.3 KDE catalan language files.
kde-l10n-ca-valencia 4.14.3 KDE Valencian language files.
kde-l10n-cs 4.14.3 KDE czech language files.
kde-l10n-da 4.14.3 KDE danish language files.
kde-l10n-de 4.14.3 KDE german language files.
kde-l10n-el 4.14.3 KDE greek language files.
kde-l10n-en_GB 4.14.3 KDE uk-english language files.
kde-l10n-es 4.14.3 KDE spanish language files.
kde-l10n-et 4.14.3 KDE estonian language files.
kde-l10n-eu 4.14.3 KDE basque language files.
kde-l10n-fa 4.11.5 KDE persian language files.
kde-l10n-fi 4.14.3 KDE finnish language files.
kde-l10n-fr 4.14.3 KDE french language files.
kde-l10n-ga 4.14.3 KDE irish-gaelic language files.
kde-l10n-gl 4.14.3 KDE galician language files.
kde-l10n-he 4.14.3 KDE hebrew language files.
kde-l10n-hi 4.14.3 KDE hindi language files.
kde-l10n-hr 4.14.3 KDE croatian language files.
kde-l10n-hu 4.14.3 KDE hungarian language files.
kde-l10n-ia 4.14.3 KDE Interlingua language files.
kde-l10n-id 4.8.5 KDE Indonesian language files.
kde-l10n-is 4.14.3 KDE icelandic language files.
kde-l10n-it 4.14.3 KDE italian language files.
kde-l10n-ja 4.14.3 KDE japanese language files.
kde-l10n-kk 4.14.3 KDE kazakh language files.
kde-l10n-km 4.14.3 KDE khmer language files.
kde-l10n-ko 4.14.3 KDE korean language files.
kde-l10n-lt 4.14.3 KDE lithuanian language files.
kde-l10n-lv 4.14.3 KDE latvian language files.
kde-l10n-mr 4.10.5 KDE marathi language files.
kde-l10n-nb 4.14.3 KDE Norwegian Bokmål language files.
kde-l10n-nds 4.14.3 KDE Low Saxon language files.
kde-l10n-nl 4.14.3 KDE Dutch language files.
kde-l10n-nn 4.14.3 KDE Norwegian Nynorsk language files.
kde-l10n-pa 4.14.3 KDE Punjabi language files.
kde-l10n-pl 4.14.3 KDE Polish language files.
kde-l10n-pt 4.14.3 KDE Portuguese language files.
kde-l10n-pt_BR 4.14.3 KDE Brazil Portuguese language files.
kde-l10n-ro 4.14.3 KDE Romanian language files.
kde-l10n-ru 4.14.3 KDE Russian language files.
kde-l10n-si 4.10.5 KDE sinhala language files.
kde-l10n-sk 4.14.3 KDE Slovak language files.
kde-l10n-sl 4.14.3 KDE Slovenian language files.
kde-l10n-sr 4.14.3 KDE Serbian language files.
kde-l10n-sv 4.14.3 KDE Swedish language files.
kde-l10n-tg 4.11.5 KDE tajik language files.
kde-l10n-th 4.10.5 KDE Thai language files.
kde-l10n-tr 4.14.3 KDE Turkish language files.
kde-l10n-ug 4.14.3 KDE Uyghur language files.
kde-l10n-uk 4.14.3 KDE Ukrainian language files.
kde-l10n-vi 4.13.3 KDE vietnamese language files.
kde-l10n-wa 4.14.3 KDE Walloon language files.
kde-l10n-zh_CN 4.14.3 KDE Simplified Chinese language files.
kde-l10n-zh_TW 4.14.3 KDE Traditional Chinese language files.
kdelibs4 4.14.3 KDE4 core libraries
kdemultimedia4 4.14.3 KDE4 multimedia applications - Meta package
kdenetwork4 4.14.3 KDE4 networking applications -- Meta package
kdenetwork-filesharing 4.14.3 KdeNetwork utility
kdenetwork-strigi-analyzers 4.14.3 KdeNetwork utility
kdenlive 0.9.10 A non-linear video editing suite.
kdepim4 4.14.3 KDE4 groupware suite
kdepim4-runtime 4.14.3 KDE4 groupware suite runtime libraries
kdepimlibs4 4.14.3 KDE4 core PIM libraries
kdepimlibs4-kioslaves 4.14.3 KDE4 core PIM libraries
kdesdk4 4.14.3 Utilities to ease development with the KDE4 platform -- Meta package
kdesdk-kioslaves 4.14.3 KDE developer utilities
kdesdk-strigi-analyzers 4.14.3 KDE developer utilities
kdesdk-thumbnailers 4.14.3 KDE developer utilities
kdesvn 1.6.0 KDE4 subversion frontend
kdetoys4 4.10.5 KDE's fun stuff
kdeutils4 4.14.3 Useful utilities provided by KDE4 - Meta package.
kdevelop 4.7.4 KDE development IDE
kdevplatform 1.7.4 KDE libraries for IDE programs
kde-wallpapers 4.14.3 KDE4 Wallpapers
kdewebdev 4.14.3 WEB Development package for the K Desktop Environment.
kdiamond 4.14.3 The object of the game is to build lines of three similar diamonds.
kdiff3 0.9.98 kdiff3 is a file comparing and merging tool.
kdiskfree 4.14.3 View free disk space.
kdnssd 4.12.2 KdeNetwork utility
kealib 1.4.10 KEAlib - Implements KEA file format into HDF5 format
KeePassX 2.0.3 KeePassX is a password manager compatiable with KeePass
KeePassXC 2.6.0 KeePassXC is a cross-platform community-driven port of the Windows application “Keepass Password Safe”.
KeePassXC-devel 20191026 Obsolete port, replaced by KeePassXC
keystone 0.9.2 Keystone is a multi-arch, multi-platform assembler framework for Arm, Arm64 (AArch64/Armv8), MIPS, Sparc, PowerPC, x86 (16/32/64-bit), SystemZ, Hexagon and more.
kfilemetadata 4.14.3 Library for extracting file metadata

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