Total 27 Port(s) with Variant: clang38
Name Version Description
berkeley_upc 2.22.3 Unified Parallel C runtime
eo 1.3.1 an evolutionary computation library
expgram 0.2.1 an ngram toolkit with succinct storage
feast 3.0 A free high-performance numerical library for solving Hermitian and non-Hermitian eigenvalue problems
gamess 20180930 a general ab initio quantum chemistry package
giza 1.1.0 C/Fortran graphics library, PGPLOT replacement
hypre 2.14.0 hypre is a linear solver
LORENE 0.0.0~cvs20160908 Langage Objet pour la RElativité NumériquE
metis 5.1.0 A package for unstructured graph partitioning
ml 6.2 Multilevel Preconditioning Package
mlpack 2.2.5 a scalable C++ machine learning library
molmol 2k.2.0 Molecular graphics display program
optpp 2.4 C++ library for non-linear optimization
oski 1.0.1h a collection of low-level C primitives that provide automatically tuned computational kernels on sparse matrices
parallel-netcdf 1.10.0 A Parallel I/O Library for NetCDF File Access.
parmetis 4.0.3 ParMETIS - parallel graph partitioning
pfft 1.0.8-alpha An extension of FFTW to massively parallel architectures
plda 3.1 A parallel C++ implementation of fast Gibbs sampling of Latent Dirichlet Allocation
py27-logilab-hmm 0.5.0 Python Hidden Markov model implementation
py-logilab-hmm 0.5.0 Python Hidden Markov model implementation
qd 2.3.17 C++/Fortran-90 double-double and quad-double package
sprng 1.0 Scalable Parallel Random Number Generators
superlu 5.2.1 A package for solving linear equations
superlu_dist 5.4.0 A package for solving linear equations
valgrind 3.14.0 A powerful open-source memory debugger
valgrind-devel 3.14.0-r2017-11-21 A powerful open-source memory debugger
yaxt 0.6.0 Yet Another eXchange Tool

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