Total 17 Port(s) in Category: x11-wm
Name Version Description
aewm 1.3.12 aewm is a minimalist window manager for X11.
awesome 3.5.6 awesome is a tiling window manager
blackbox 0.76 blackbox is a fast, light window manager
enlightenment 1.0.7 Enlightenment is a highly configurable windowmanager.
enlightenment-docs 0.16.7 Documentation for the Enlightenment windowmanager.
evilwm 1.1.1 A minimalist window manager for the X Window System.
fluxbox 1.3.7 Lightweight window manager based on Blackbox 0.61.1
fvwm2 2.6.9 Version 2.x of FVWM, an X11 window manager.
herbstluftwm 0.6.2 herbstluftwm is a very configurable tiling window manager
icewm 1.2.37 Lightweight window manager with a Windows or OS/2 look and feel
keylaunch 1.3.9 KeyLaunch is a small utility for binding commands to a hot key.
metacity 3.34.1 A window manager for the adult in you.
oroborus 2.0.18 Oroborus basically is a really minimalistic window manager.
ratpoison 1.4.5 Ratpoison is a simple Window Manager
twm 1.0.10 Tab Window Manager for X11
windowmaker 0.95.3 Window Maker is a X11 window manager supporting GNUstep
wmii 3.1 Window Manager Improved is a dynamic window manager for X11

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