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Name Version Description
auto-multiple-choice 1.4.0 Auto Multiple Choice - Multiple Choice Papers Management
auto-multiple-choice-devel 1.5.0_rc2-2-gd3d7ea24 Auto Multiple Choice - Multiple Choice Papers Management
bibclean 2.17 BibTeX bibliography prettyprinter and syntax checker
biblatex-biber 2.14 a BibTeX replacement for users of biblatex
BibTool 2.67 Tool for manipulating BibTeX databases.
bibutils 4.12 bibliography conversion utilities
blahtexml 0.9 TeX to MathML converter
dblatex 0.3.11 DocBook to LaTeX Converter
detex 2.8 Obsolete port, replaced by opendetex
disvf 0 A perl script to convert Japanese Virtual Font files to Virtual Property Lists.
dot2texi 3-0-0 Allows you to embed DOT descriptions in your TeX document
dvipng 1.17 a DVI-to-PNG converter
fig2ps 1.5 converts xfig files to PostScript or PDF, processing text with LaTeX
git-latexdiff 1.3.0 Tool for using latexdiff on latex documents in git repositories
hevea 2.32 HEVEA is a quite complete and fast LATEX to HTML translator.
inkscape-textext 0.4.4 LaTeX typesetting in Inkscape
kde4-kile 2.1.3 KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment
latex2rtf 2.3.18 Translator program intended to translate a LaTeX document into RTF
latexdiff determine and mark up significant differences between latex files
LaTeXiT 2.5.0 Drag-and-drop LaTeX support for Mac applications
latexmk 4.70b Automates the process of generating a LaTeX document
LaTeXML 0.8.5 LaTeXML converts TeX to XML/HTML/MathML
lcdf-typetools 2.108 Tools for manipulating fonts.
lhs2tex 1.22 Preprocessor for typesetting Haskell sources with LaTeX
makejvf 1.1a Japanese Virtual Font file maker.
nuweb 1.58 a literate programming system compatible with any language
opendetex 2.8.9 removes TeX constructs from a text file
ptex-sfmacros 0 Tategumi/Tateyoko/Kunten packages written by Shinsaku Fujita.
py27-pyx 0.12.1 Python package for the creation of PostScript, PDF, and SVG files
py35-pyx 0.15 Python package for the creation of PostScript, PDF, and SVG files
py36-pyx 0.15 Python package for the creation of PostScript, PDF, and SVG files
py37-pyx 0.15 Python package for the creation of PostScript, PDF, and SVG files
py38-pyx 0.15 Python package for the creation of PostScript, PDF, and SVG files
py-pyx 0.15 Python package for the creation of PostScript, PDF, and SVG files
rtf2latex2e 2.2.2 Filter to convert rtf files into LaTeX2e code.
rubber 1.5.1 An automated system for building LaTeX documents
sketch 0.3.7 2D and 3D drawings with LaTeX output.
tectonic 0.3.3 A modernized, complete, self-contained TeX/LaTeX engine, powered by XeTeX and TeXLive
tetex-frogg 0.4-3 Little collection of French LaTeX/BiBTeX styles
tetex-rechnung 3.10 tetex package for creating invoices (german Rechnungen)
tex-beamerposter 112 tetex package for creating widescreen beamer presentations and posters
tex-f7u12 20110420 Latex package for using ragefaces
tex-gantt 1.3 tetex package for creating gantt diagrams
texlive 2020 TeX Live metaport
texlive-basic 54624 TeX Live: Essential programs and files
texlive-bibtex-extra 54561 TeX Live: BibTeX additional styles
texlive-bin 2020.54632 TeX Live Binaries.
texlive-bin-extra 54608 TeX Live: TeX auxiliary programs
texlive-common 2020 TeX Live common infrastructure.
texlive-context 54364 TeX Live: ConTeXt and packages
texlive-fonts-extra 54583 TeX Live: Additional fonts
texlive-fonts-recommended 54512 TeX Live: Recommended fonts
texlive-fontutils 54269 TeX Live: Graphics and font utilities
texlive-formats-extra 54498 TeX Live: Additional formats
texlive-games 54512 TeX Live: Games typesetting
texlive-humanities 54191 TeX Live: Humanities packages
texlive-lang-arabic 54568 TeX Live: Arabic
texlive-lang-chinese 54568 TeX Live: Chinese
texlive-lang-cjk 54269 TeX Live: Chinese/Japanese/Korean (base)
texlive-lang-cyrillic 54594 TeX Live: Cyrillic
texlive-lang-czechslovak 54568 TeX Live: Czech/Slovak
texlive-lang-english 54568 TeX Live: US and UK English
texlive-lang-european 54568 TeX Live: Other European languages
texlive-lang-french 54568 TeX Live: French
texlive-lang-german 54604 TeX Live: German
texlive-lang-greek 54568 TeX Live: Greek
texlive-lang-italian 54568 TeX Live: Italian
texlive-lang-japanese 54564 TeX Live: Japanese
texlive-lang-korean 54519 TeX Live: Korean
texlive-lang-other 54568 TeX Live: Other languages
texlive-lang-polish 54568 TeX Live: Polish
texlive-lang-portuguese 54568 TeX Live: Portuguese
texlive-lang-spanish 54568 TeX Live: Spanish
texlive-latex 54498 TeX Live: LaTeX fundamental packages
texlive-latex-extra 54584 TeX Live: LaTeX additional packages
texlive-latex-recommended 54586 TeX Live: LaTeX recommended packages
texlive-luatex 54550 TeX Live: LuaTeX packages
texlive-math-science 54588 TeX Live: Mathematics, natural sciences, computer science packages
texlive-metapost 54512 TeX Live: MetaPost and Metafont packages
texlive-music 54512 TeX Live: Music packages
texlive-pictures 54512 TeX Live: Graphics, pictures, diagrams
texlive-plain-generic 54476 TeX Live: Plain (La)TeX packages
texlive-pstricks 54518 TeX Live: PSTricks
texlive-publishers 54615 TeX Live: Publisher styles, theses, etc.
texlive-tlpdb 2020.54632 TeX Live package database (for scripts)
texlive-xetex 54512 TeX Live: XeTeX and packages
texmaker 5.0.4 Free cross-platform LaTeX editor since 2003
tex-songs 2.18 tex package for creating songbooks
tex-whizzytex 1.3.6 An emacs minor mode for incremental viewing of LaTeX documents
texworks 0.6.3 Editor for TeX documents
xindy 2.5.1 framework for generating indexes

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