Total 33 Port(s) in Category: pure
Name Version Description
faust2pd 2.16 a utility to generate Pd GUI patches from Faust programs
pd-faust 0.18 a Pd plugin loader which lets you run Faust programs as externals in Pd and dynamically generate Pd GUI subpatches
pd-pure 0.26 a Pd plugin loader which lets you run Pure scripts as externals in Pd
pure-audio 0.6 a digital audio interface for the Pure programming language
pure-bonjour 0.2 an interface to Bonjour which enables you to publish and discover Zeroconf services from Pure
pure-csv 1.6 an interface to read and write comma separated value files in Pure
pure-doc 0.7 a utility for literate programming and documenting source code in Pure
pure-docs 0.68 documentation for the Pure programming language
pure-fastcgi 0.6 an interface to the FastCGI library in Pure
pure-faust 0.13 a module which lets you load and run Faust-generated signal processing modules in Pure
pure-ffi 0.15 an interface to libffi which enables you to call C functions from Pure and vice versa
pure-g2 0.3 an interface to the g2 graphics library for Pure
pure-gen 0.21 a Pure C bindings generator
pure-gl 0.9 an interface to access OpenGL functions from Pure
pure-glpk 0.5 an interface to the GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK) for the Pure programming language
pure-gsl 0.12 a wrapper to call GNU Scientific Library functions from Pure
pure-gtk 0.13 a collection of bindings to use the GTK+ GUI toolkit version 2.x with Pure
pure-liblo 0.9 an interface to liblo, which implements Berkeley’s Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol
pure-lilv 0.5 a Pure interface to David Robillard’s Lilv, an LV2 plugin host library
pure-lv2 0.2 a generic LV2 plugin wrapper for Pure
pure-midi 0.6 a MIDI interface for the Pure programming language
pure-mpfr 0.5 an interface to GNU MPFR from Pure
pure-octave 0.12 an interface to run Octave commands from Pure
pure-odbc 0.10 a simple ODBC interface for the Pure programming language
pure-rational 0.1 a Pure port of Q+Q, Rob Hubbard's rational number library
pure-readline 0.3 an interface to use readline from Pure
pure-reduce 0.4 a Pure interface to the Reduce computer algebra system
pure-sockets 0.8 an interface to the Berkeley socket functions for Pure
pure-sql3 0.5 an SQLite interface for the Pure programming language
pure-stldict 0.8 a Pure interface to the C++ dictionary containers
pure-stllib 0.6 a Pure interface to some C++ container types
pure-tk 0.5 a basic interface between Pure and Tcl/Tk
pure-xml 0.7 an interface to libxml2 and libxslt for Pure

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