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Name Version Description
php55-geoip 1.0.8 Map IP address to geographic places
php55-gettext 5.5.38 a PHP interface to the gettext natural language support functions
php55-gmagick 1.1.7RC3 Provides a wrapper to the GraphicsMagick library
php55-gmp 5.5.38 a PHP interface to GMP, the GNU multiprocessing library through which you can work with arbitrary-length integers
php55-hidef 0.1.13 Constants for real
php55-html_parse 1.0.0 HTML parser extension
php55-htscanner 1.0.1 a PHP extension to enable the use of per-directory htaccess-like PHP configuration files
php55-http 1.7.6 Extended HTTP Support
php55-http2 2.6.0 Extended HTTP Support
php55-iconv 5.5.38 a PHP interface to the libiconv character encoding conversion functions
php55-igbinary 2.0.8 PHP serializer.
php55-imagick 3.4.4 PHP extension to create and modify images with ImageMagick
php55-imap 5.5.38 a PHP interface to the IMAP protocol
php55-imlib2 0.1.00 Provides an image manipulation interface using libimlib2
php55-intl 5.5.38 internationalization extension for PHP
php55-ipc 5.5.38 interprocess communication extensions for PHP
php55-jsmin 2.0.1 PHP API for minifying and uglifying JavaScript
php55-Judy 1.0.2 sparse dynamic arrays
php55-ldap 5.5.38 a PHP interface to LDAP
php55-libev 20131219 object-oriented binding to libev
php55-libevent 0.1.0 PHP wrapper for libevent
php55-lzf 1.6.8 Handles LZF compression / decompression.
php55-magickwand 1.0.9-2 MagickWand for PHP
php55-mailparse 2.1.6 Email message manipulation
php55-markdown 1.0.0 A fast Markdown parser
php55-mbstring 5.5.38 a PHP extension for manipulating strings in multibyte encodings
php55-mcrypt 5.5.38 a PHP interface to the mcrypt library, which offers a wide variety of algorithms
php55-memcache 2.2.7 PHP bindings for memcache
php55-memcached 2.2.0 PHP bindings for memcache
php55-ming 0.4.5 a PHP interface for generating Flash SWF files with Ming
php55-mongo 1.6.16 Mongo Database Driver
php55-mongodb 1.5.5 MongoDB Database Driver
php55-mssql 5.5.38 a PHP interface to MSSQL using FreeTDS, including the mssql and pdo_dblib extensions
php55-mysql 5.5.38 a PHP interface to MySQL databases, including the mysql, mysqli and pdo_mysql extensions
php55-oauth 1.2.3 oauth consumer extension
php55-odbc 5.5.38 a PHP interface for accessing databases via Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC)
php55-opcache 5.5.38 OPcache improves PHP performance by storing precompiled script bytecode in shared memory, thereby removing the need for PHP to load and parse scripts on each request.
php55-openssl 5.5.38 a PHP interface to OpenSSL signature-generation and -verification and data-encryption and -decryption functions
php55-oracle 5.5.38 a PHP interface to Oracle, including the oci8 and pdo_oci extensions
php55-pcntl 5.5.38 a PHP interface to Unix-style process creation, program execution, signal handling and process termination functions
php55-pdflib 4.1.4 PHP bindings for pdflib
php55-peb 0.20b PHP-Erlang Bridge
php55-phalcon 3.4.4 full stack PHP framework written as an extension
php55-phalcon2 2.0.13 full stack PHP framework written as an extension
php55-phalcon3 3.4.5 full stack PHP framework written as an extension
php55-pop3 1.0.2 POP3 Client Library
php55-posix 5.5.38 a PHP interface to additional POSIX functions
php55-postgresql 5.5.38 a PHP interface to PostgreSQL, including the pgsql and pdo_pgsql extensions
php55-propro 1.0.2 a reusable property proxy API
php55-pspell 5.5.38 a PHP interface to the aspell library, which lets you check spelling and offer spelling suggestions
php55-raphf 1.1.2 a reusable persistent handle and resource factory API
php55-rar 4.0.0 A PECL extension to create and read rar files.
php55-redis 4.3.0 an API for communicating with a Redis database from PHP
php55-rrd 1.1.3 PHP rrdtool extension
php55-scrypt 1.4.2 a PHP wrapper for scrypt
php55-snmp 5.5.38 a PHP interface to the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
php55-soap 5.5.38 a PHP extension for writing SOAP clients and servers
php55-sockets 5.5.38 a PHP interface to BSD socket communication functions
php55-solr 2.4.0 a PHP interface to Apache Solr
php55-sphinx 1.3.3 PHP bindings for Sphinx full-text search
php55-SPL_Types 0.4.0 Standard PHP Library, Types Addon
php55-sqlite 5.5.38 a PHP interface to SQLite, including the sqlite3 and pdo_sqlite extensions
php55-ssh2 0.13 PHP bindings for libssh2
php55-stomp 1.0.9 PECL extension of stomp client
php55-suhosin 0.9.38 Advanced protection extension for PHP
php55-svm 0.1.9 PHP bindings for libsvm, a support vector machine implementation
php55-svn 1.0.3 PHP bindings for Subversion
php55-swoole 2.0.11 an event-driven asynchronous & concurrent & coroutine networking engine with high performance for PHP
php55-syck 0.9.3 PHP bindings for syck
php55-text-template 1.1.4 simple template engine for PHP
php55-tidy 5.5.38 a PHP interface to tidy, the HTML cleaning and repair utility
php55-timer 1.0.4 utility class for timing in PHP
php55-timezonedb 2020.1 A PECL Timezone Database.
php55-token-stream 1.1.5 wrapper around PHP's tokenizer extension
php55-Twig 1.16.2 Enhances the performance of the Twig runtime engine.
php55-unit 3.7.22 unit testing for PHP
php55-unit-mock-objects 1.2.3 Mock Object library for PHPUnit
php55-uploadprogress 1.1.3 An extension to track progress of a file upload.
php55-uuid 1.0.5 A wrapper around libuuid from the ext2utils project.
php55-vld 0.14.0 Dump the internal representation of PHP scripts
php55-wddx 5.5.38 a PHP interface to Web Distributed Data Exchange
php55-xcache 3.2.0 fast, stable PHP opcode cacher
php55-xdebug 2.5.5 php debugging extension
php55-xhprof 0.9.4 A Hierarchical Profiler for PHP
php55-xmlrpc 5.5.38 a PHP extension for writing XML-RPC clients and servers
php55-xrange 1.3.2 Numeric iterator primitives
php55-xsl 5.5.38 a PHP interface to libxslt, which implements the XSL standard and lets you perform XSL transformations
php55-xslcache 0.7.2 a modification of PHP's standard XSL extension that caches the parsed XSL stylesheet representation
php55-yaf 2.3.5 a fast php framework written in c, built in php-ext
php55-yaml 1.3.1 a PHP interface to the YAML parsing library
php55-yaz 1.2.3 PHP/PECL extension for the Z39.50 protocol
php55-zip 1.19.0 PHP zip functions
php56-amf 0.9.2 ActionScript Message Format extension
php56-amqp 1.10.2 AMQP interface for PHP
php56-APCu 4.0.11 APC User Cache
php56-bbcode 1.0.3b1 BBCode parsing Extension
php56-big_int 1.0.7 big_int library
php56-cairo 0.3.2 Cairo Graphics Library Extension
php56-cairo_wrapper 0.2.4 Cairo Wrapper Extension
php56-calendar 5.6.40 a PHP extension for converting between different calendar formats

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