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clearsilver 0.10.5 Language-neutral template system.
convmv 2.05 Convert filenames from one encoding to another
cpan2port 0.1.1_20190228 A perl script to generate MacPorts portfiles
eperl 2.2.14 Embedded Perl Language
exiftool 12.0.0 General command line utility to read, write and edit EXIF metadata
fsdb 2.710.0 A flat-text database for shell scripting
fsdb_select 0.1 common files for selecting default fsdb version
fusioninventory-agent 2.600.0 FusionInventory::Agent
gnupod 0.99.8 GNUpod is a collection of tools which allow you to use your iPod with UNIX-like operating systems.
ikiwiki 3.20190228 A wiki compiler.
imapsync 1.945 imapsync is an IMAP synchronization, copy or migration tool.
p5.26-acme-lolcat 0.0.5 SPEEK LIEK A LOLCATZ
p5.26-algorithm-annotate 0.100.0 This is a Perl extension for representing a series of changes in annotate form.
p5.26-algorithm-c3 0.110.0 A module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm
p5.26-algorithm-combinatorics 0.270.0 Algorithm::Combinatorics - Efficient generation of combinatorial sequences
p5.26-algorithm-curvefit 1.50.0 Algorithm::CurveFit - Nonlinear Least Squares Fitting
p5.26-algorithm-dependency 1.112.0 Base class for implementing various dependency trees
p5.26-algorithm-diff 1.201.0 This is a Perl extension for computing intelligent differences between two files / lists.
p5.26-algorithm-munkres 0.80.0 This is a Perl extension for Munkres' solution to classical Assignment problem for square and rectangular matrices
p5.26-aliased 0.340.0 Use shorter versions of class names.
p5.26-alien-base-modulebuild 1.150.0 Alien::Base::ModuleBuild - A Module::Build subclass for building Alien:: modules and their libraries
p5.26-alien-build 2.370.0 Alien::Build - Build external dependencies for use in CPAN
p5.26-alien-editline 0.100.0 Make available Editline (libedit)
p5.26-alien-ffi 0.250.0 Alien::FFI - Build and make available libffi
p5.26-alien-gimp 0.80.0 Alien::Gimp - Encapsulate install info for GIMP
p5.26-alien-gmp 1.160.0 Alien::GMP - Alien package for the GNU Multiple Precision library.
p5.26-alien-gnuplot 1.33.0 Alien::Gnuplot - Find and verify functionality of the gnuplot executable.
p5.26-alien-libuuid 0.40.0 Alien::libuuid - Find or download and install libuuid
p5.26-alien-libxml2 0.170.0 Alien::Libxml2 - Find/install the C libxml2 library on your system
p5.26-alien-role-alt 0.50.0 Alien::Role::Alt - (Deprecated) Alien::Base role that supports alternates
p5.26-alien-sdl 1.446.0 Alien::SDL - building, finding and using SDL binaries
p5.26-alien-wxwidgets 0.690.0 Alien::wxWidgets - building, finding and using wxWidgets binaries.
p5.26-alt-crypt-rsa-bigint 0.60.0 Alt::Crypt::RSA::BigInt - RSA public-key cryptosystem, using Math::BigInt
p5.26-amazon-s3 0.450.0 A portable client library for working with and managing Amazon S3 buckets and keys.
p5.26-anyevent 7.170.0 AnyEvent - the DBI of event loop programming
p5.26-anyevent-aio 1.100.0 AnyEvent::AIO - truly asynchronous file and directory I/O
p5.26-any-moose 0.270.0 Any::Moose - (DEPRECATED) use Moo instead!
p5.26-any-uri-escape 0.10.0 Any::URI::Escape - Load URI::Escape::XS preferentially over URI::Escape
p5.26-apache2-rest 0.70.0 Micro framework for REST API implementation under apache2/mod_perl2/apreq2
p5.26-apache-admin-config 0.950.0 A module to read/write Apache like configuration files
p5.26-apache-authcookie 3.300.0 perl interface to cookies in apache
p5.26-apache-logformat-compiler 0.360.0 Compile a log format string to perl-code
p5.26-apache-session 1.940.0 A persistence framework for session data
p5.26-apache-session-wrapper 0.340.0 A simple wrapper around Apache::Session
p5.26-apache-test 1.420.0 Facilitates testing of Apache::* modules
p5.26-app-cli 0.520.0 Dispatcher module for command line interface programs.
p5.26-app-cmd 0.331.0 App::Cmd - write command line apps with less suffering
p5.26-appconfig 1.710.0 Module for manage application configuration information
p5.26-appconfig-std 1.100.0 Perl class providing standard command-line arguments
p5.26-app-cpanminus 1.704.400 get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN
p5.26-app-nopaste 1.13.0 App::Nopaste - Easy access to any pastebin
p5.26-app-rad 1.50.0 Rapid (and easy!) creation of command line applications
p5.26-app-svn-bisect 1.100.0 Subversion bisect tool
p5.26-archive-extract 0.860.0 Archive::Extract - A generic archive extracting mechanism
p5.26-archive-tar 2.380.0 Creation and in-memory manipulation of tar files
p5.26-archive-tar-wrapper 0.380.0 Archive::Tar::Wrapper - API wrapper around the 'tar' utility
p5.26-archive-zip 1.680.0 Interface to zip archive files
p5.26-array-compare 3.0.8 Perl module which allows you to compare two arrays
p5.26-array-iterator 0.120.0 Array::Iterator - A simple class for iterating over Perl arrays
p5.26-asa 1.40.0 asa - Lets your class/object say it works like something else
p5.26-astro 0.780.0 Assorted astronomical routines for perl
p5.26-astro-app-satpass2 0.45.0 Astro::App::Satpass2 - Forecast satellite visibility.
p5.26-astro-coord-eci-tle-iridium 0.128.0 Astro::Coord::ECI::TLE::Iridium - Compute behavior of Iridium satellites
p5.26-astro-coord-eci-vsop87d 0.3.0 Astro::Coord::ECI::VSOP87D - Implement the VSOP87D position model
p5.26-astro-fits-cfitsio 1.150.0 Interface to William Pence's cfitsio subroutine library
p5.26-astro-fits-header 3.70.0 Module to work with FITS header blocks
p5.26-astro-satpass 0.116.0 Astro-satpass - Predict satellite passes over an observer.
p5.26-astro-simbad-client 0.42.0 Astro::SIMBAD::Client - Fetch astronomical data from SIMBAD 4.
p5.26-astro-spacetrack 0.142.0 Astro::SpaceTrack - Retrieve orbital data from
p5.26-async-interrupt 1.260.0 Async::Interrupt - allow C/XS libraries to interrupt perl asynchronously
p5.26-attribute-handlers 0.990.0 Simpler definition of attribute handlers
p5.26-audio-flac-header 2.400.0 Interface to FLAC header metadata
p5.26-audio-m4p 0.570.0 QuickTime/MP4/iTunes Music Store audio/video file tools
p5.26-authcas 1.700.0 AuthCAS - Client library for JA-SIG CAS 2.0 authentication server
p5.26-authen-dechpwd 2.7.0 Authen::DecHpwd - DEC VMS password hashing
p5.26-authen-pam 0.160.0 Authen::PAM - Perl interface to PAM library
p5.26-authen-passphrase 0.8.0 Authen::Passphrase - hashed passwords/passphrases as objects
p5.26-authen-radius 0.320.0 The Authen::Radius module provides a simple class that allows you to send/receive Radius requests/responses to/from a Radius server.
p5.26-authen-sasl 2.160.0 Perl5 module for SASL authentication.
p5.26-authen-simple 0.500.0 Simple Authentication
p5.26-authen-simple-passwd 0.600.0 Authen::Simple::Passwd - Simple Passwd authentication
p5.26-authen-smb 0.910.0 Perl extension to authenticate against an Samba server
p5.26-auth-yubikey_webclient 4.20.0 Authenticating the Yubikey against the Yubico Web API
p5.26-autobox 3.0.1 Call methods on native types
p5.26-autobox-core 1.330.0 autobox::Core - Provide core functions to autoboxed scalars, arrays and hashes.
p5.26-autobox-junctions 0.2.0 autobox::Junctions - Autoboxified junction-style operators
p5.26-autodia 2.140.0 Create XML diagrams
p5.26-autovivification 0.180.0 Lexically disable autovivification
p5.26-autoxs-header 1.20.0 Container for the AutoXS header files
p5.26-aws-signature4 1.20.0 Create a version4 signature for Amazon Web Services
p5.26-backuppc-xs 0.620.0 BackupPC::XS - Perl extension for BackupPC libraries
p5.26-bareword-filehandles 0.7.0 bareword::filehandles - disables bareword filehandles
p5.26-b-c 1.570.0 B::C - Perl compiler's C backend
p5.26-b-cow 0.4.0 B::COW - additional B helpers to check Copy-On-Write status
p5.26-b-debug 1.260.0 B::Debug - Walk Perl syntax tree, printing debug info about ops
p5.26-beam-emitter 1.7.0 Beam::Emitter - Role for event emitting classes
p5.26-berkeleydb 0.640.0 BerkeleyDB - Perl extension for Berkeley DB version 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6
p5.26-b-flags 0.170.0 B::Flags - Friendlier flags for B
p5.26-b-hooks-endofscope 0.240.0 Execute code after a scope finished compilation
p5.26-b-hooks-op-check 0.220.0 Wrap OP check callbacks

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