Total 48 Port(s) in Category: office
Name Version Description
bournal 1.5 bash script journal
charm 1.11.0 Charm - the Cross-Platform Time Tracker
charm-qt5 1.11.0 Charm - the Cross-Platform Time Tracker
csvToLedger 1.0 Convert CSVs to Ledger format
DepreciateForLedger 1.0 Depreciation tool for Ledger
dijo 0.2.3 scriptable, curses-based, digital habit tracker
dstask 0.24 Single binary terminal-based TODO manager with git-based sync + markdown notes per task
eureka 1.8.1 CLI tool to input and store your ideas without leaving the terminal
expense.txt 1.0 Expense.txt allows you to track and analyze your expenses using plain text files.
gcalcli 3.4.0 Google Calendar Command Line Interface
goldendict 1.5.0-RC2 Dictionary lookup program
GTDtoCSV 1.0 Convert GTD style events to CSV
heapCL 1.08.27 Command line tools for Heap CRM
jrnl 1.9.0 jrnl is a simple journal application for your command line.
kb 0.1.5 A minimalist knowledge base manager
keepnote 0.7.8 Cross-platform note-taking and organization
kitlist 0.8.0 A list manager for managing kit
LedgerScheduler 1.0 Tool to auto populate Ledger with enteries when the time comes
libreoffice Free, open source office suite.
mdp 1.0.15 A command-line based markdown presentation tool.
mindforger 1.52.0 Thinking notebook and Markdown editor
pal 0.4.3 pal is a command-line calendar program
pinpoint 0.1.8 A tool for making hackers do excellent presentations
present 0.6.0 A terminal-based presentation tool with colors and effects
ProjectLibre 1.8.0-git ProjectLibre is a project management software.
qlipper 5.1.2 Lightweight & cross-platform clipboard history applet
rednotebook 2.3 RedNotebook is a modern desktop journal
spread-sheet-widget 0.7 GTK+ widget for working with 2D tabular data.
task 2.5.3 Taskwarrior is a command-line task management tool
taskjuggler 3.5.0 A powerful project management tool.
tasksh 1.2.0 tasksh is a shell command that wraps Taskwarrior commands
time-track-cli 1.2 Simple time tracking application using the CLI, in the spirit of todo.txt.
time.txt 1.0 Time.txt allows you to track and analyze your time (sheets) using plain text files.
timewarrior 1.4.2 Timewarrior is Free and Open Source Software that tracks time from the command line.
todotxt 2.12.0 Simple, extensible shell script to manage your todo file.
topydo 0.13 todo list application using the todo.txt format
torchCL 1.08.31 Command line tools for Torch Project Management
treeline 3.1.2 Advanced outliner and personal information manager
ultralist 1.7.0 Simple task management for tech folks.
vit 1.2 Vit is a full-screen terminal interface for Taskwarrior
watson 1.10.0 A wonderful CLI to track your time!
zathura 0.4.4 Zathura is a highly customizable and functional document viewer.
zathura-docs 0.4.4 Zathura is a highly customizable and functional document viewer.
zathura-plugin-cb 0.1.8 The zathura-cb plugin adds comic book support to zathura.
zathura-plugin-djvu 0.2.8 The zathura-djvu plugin adds DjVu support to zathura.
zathura-plugin-pdf-mupdf 0.3.6 The zathura-pdf-mupdf plugin adds PDF support to zathura.
zathura-plugin-pdf-poppler 0.2.9 The zathura-pdf-poppler plugin adds PDF support to zathura.
zathura-plugin-ps 0.2.6 The zathura-ps plugin adds PostScript support to zathura.

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