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caml-heredoc 20060107 Heredoc: syntactic sugar for text producing applications
camlimages 5.0.1 Objective Caml interface to image manipulation functions.
camlp5 7.08 Camlp5 is a preprocessor-pretty-printer of OCaml.
coccinelle 1.0.6 coccinelle is a semantic diff.
lablgl 1.06 Objective Caml interface to OpenGL
lablgtk2 2.18.9 OCaml interface to gtk+ 2.x
libCUDF 0.7 libCUDF is a library to manipulate so called CUDF documents.
moca 0.7.0 general construction functions generator for OCaml data types with invariants
oasis 0.4.1 Architecture for building OCaml libraries and applications
ocaml 4.08.1 Compiler and libraries for the OCaml programming language
ocaml-ancient 0.9.0 Mark objects as 'ancient' so they are taken out of the OCaml heap
ocaml-ansiterminal 0.6.5 OCaml bindings for ANSI colors and cursor movements
ocaml-ao 0.1.9 OCaml bindings for the libao audio output library
ocaml-async 109.53.02 Jane Street Capital's asynchronous execution library
ocaml-async-core 109.55.02 Jane Street Capital's asynchronous execution library (core)
ocaml-async-extra 109.55.02 Jane Street Capital's asynchronous execution library (extra)
ocaml-async-unix 109.55.02 Jane Street Capital's asynchronous execution library (unix)
ocaml-autoconf 1.1 autoconf macros for OCaml
ocaml-base 0.12.2 Jane Street's Full standard library replacement for OCaml
ocaml-batteries 2.10.0 A new O'Caml standard library
ocaml-batteries-devel 2.0beta2 A new O'Caml standard library -- BETA version
ocaml-bigarray-compat 1.0.0 OCaml compatibility library to use Stdlib.Bigarray when possible
ocaml-biniou 1.2.1 Binary data library for OCaml
ocaml-bin-prot 109.53.02 A binary protocol generator
ocaml-bisect 1.3 Bisect is a coverage tool for the OCaml language.
ocaml-bitstring 2.0.3 bitstrings and bitstring matching for OCaml
ocaml-bjack 0.1.0 OCaml blocking API to jack
ocaml-bolt 1.4 Bolt is a logging tool for the Objective Caml language.
ocaml-buddy 0.5 OCaml bindings for buddy
ocaml-calendar 2.03.2 Objective Caml interface for calendar functions
ocaml-camlidl 1.05 stub code generator and COM binding for Objective Caml
ocaml-camlp4 4.08-1 Caml Preprocessor and Pretty-Printer
ocaml-camomile 0.8.3 OCaml module to convert strings to and from various encodings
ocaml-cgi 0.9 OCaml CGI Library
ocaml-comparelib 109.27.02 Syntax extension for deriving compare functions automatically
ocaml-config-file 1.2 OCaml library used to manage the configuration files
ocaml-configurator 0.11.0 helper library for gathering system configuration
ocaml-core 109.55.02 core is Jane Street's alternative to the standard OCaml library
ocaml-core-extended 108.00.02 Jane Street Capital's extended standard library overlay
ocaml-core-kernel 109.55.02 Core-kernel is the system-independent part of the OCaml Core library
ocaml-cppo 1.6.6 Code preprocessor for OCaml
ocaml-cppo_ocamlbuild 1.6.6 Code preprocessor for OCaml
ocaml-cryptokit 1.13 OCaml interface to cryptographic functions.
ocaml-cstruct 5.0.0 Access C-like structures directly from OCaml
ocaml-csv 1.2.3 CSV file parser for OCaml.
ocaml-ctypes 0.15.1 Bind to C libraries using pure OCaml
ocaml-cudf 0.7 libCUDF is a library to manipulate so called CUDF documents.
ocaml-curses 1.0.3 provide curses / ncurses bindings for the OCaml language
ocaml-custom-printf 109.27.02 OCaml syntax extension for printf format strings
ocaml-dbm 1.0 OCaml binding to the GDBM Unix databases
ocaml-deriving-ocsigen 0.3c deriving preprocessor and library for OCaml
ocaml-doc 4.01 The Objective Caml reference manual
ocamldot 1.0 dependency graph generator for OCaml generating graphviz dot files
ocaml-dtools 0.1.6 library for writing daemons in OCaml
ocaml-dune 1.11.2 Composable build system for OCaml
ocaml-duppy 0.4.2 Advanced scheduler for OCaml
ocaml-dypgen 20120619-1 Self-extensible parsers and lexers for the Objective Caml programming language.
ocaml-easy-format 1.3.2 High-level functional interface to the OCaml Format module
ocaml-eliom 2.2.2 OCaml framework for programming web applications
ocaml-expect 0.0.4 Expect-like framework
ocaml-extlib 1.7.6 Extended Standard Library for OCaml
ocaml-extunix 0.1.1 Extended Unix Library for OCaml
ocaml-faac 0.1.1 OCaml bindings for the AAC encoding library
ocaml-faad 0.1.1 OCaml bindings for the AAC decoding library
ocaml-fieldslib 109.20.02 Syntax support for folding over record fields in OCaml
ocaml-fileutils 0.5.3 OCaml POSIX-like file library
ocaml-findlib 1.8.1 Objective Caml library management system
ocaml-fix 20181206 Memoization and fixed points library for OCaml
ocaml-flac 0.1.1 OCaml bindings for the flac library
ocaml-ftp 0.1.0 OCaml ftp client library
ocaml-gen 0.5.2 Iterator library for OCaml
ocaml-getopt 20040811 getopt command line parser for OCaml
ocaml-gsl 0.6.0 ocamlgsl is the GNU scientific library for OCaml
ocaml-hacl-star 20210118-96ad4e4 High-assurance cryptographic library.
ocaml-hacl-star-raw 20210118-96ad4e4 High-assurance cryptographic library.
ocaml-herelib 109.35.02 OCaml syntax extension for inserting the current location in source file
ocaml-hex 1.4.0 Hexadecimal converter library for OCaml
ocaml-hydro 0.7.1 Hydro is an implementation of ICE, the object-oriented RPC protocol
ocamlify 0.0.2 Generate OCaml source code by from OCaml string.
ocaml-inifiles 1.2 ini file parser for OCaml
ocaml-integers 0.3.0 Various signed and unsigned integer types for OCaml.
ocaml-js_of_ocaml 1.3.2 Js_of_ocaml is a compiler of OCaml bytecode to Javascript
ocaml-json-static 0.9.8 JSON validator and type converter for OCaml
ocaml-json-wheel 1.0.6 JSON parsing library for OCaml
ocaml-labltk 8.06.7 OCaml interface to the Tcl/Tk GUI framework
ocaml-lacaml 7.0.13 OCaml interfaces to the BLAS- and LAPACK-library
ocaml-lame 0.2.2 OCaml bindings for the lame MPEG encoding library
ocaml-lua 1.0 OCaml bindings to Lua API
ocaml-lwt 4.3.0 Promises and event-driven I/O for OCaml
ocaml-lwt_ppx 4.3.0 Promises and event-driven I/O for OCaml
ocaml-lwt_react 4.3.0 Promises and event-driven I/O for OCaml
ocaml-mad 0.3.4 OCaml bindings for libmad MPEG audio decoding library
ocaml-magic 0.7.3 OCaml bindings for the libmagic file MIME detection library
ocaml-menhir 20170101 Menhir is a LR(1) parser generator for the Objective Caml programming language.
ocaml-migrate-parsetree 1.4.0 Convert OCaml parsetrees between different OCaml versions
ocaml-mmap 1.1.0 Support for mmap(2) in OCaml
ocamlmod 0.0.7 Generate OCaml modules from source files
ocaml-mode.el 3.05 An EMACS major mode for editing OCaml programs.
ocaml-mpi 1.01 Caml bindings for a large subset of MPI functions
ocaml-mysql 1.0.4 Mysql5 bindings for OCaml

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