Total 15 Port(s) in Category: news
Name Version Description
claws-mail 3.17.4 A lightweight and very featureful GTK+ based e-mail and news client
hellanzb 0.13 Nzb downloader and post processor
leafnode 1.11.8 Leafnode is a store & forward NNTP proxy
nget 0.27.1 nget is a command line nntp file grabber
nnap 1.1 Nnap is a lightweight NNTP authentication proxy
p5.26-news-nntpclient 0.370.0 Perl module to talk to NNTP servers
p5.28-news-nntpclient 0.370.0 Perl module to talk to NNTP servers
p5-news-nntpclient 0.370.0 Perl module to talk to NNTP servers
pan2 0.145 News reader for GTK+ version 2 or 3.
PlopFolio 0.1.0 PlopFolio is a free KlipFolio clone that supports Klips
slrn 1.0.3 A powerful console-based newsreader
tin 2.4.3 A threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader
tin-devel 2.3.4 Obsolete port, replaced by tin
xpn 1.2.6 Graphical newsreader written in PyGtk.
yencode 0.46 yENC encoder/decoder

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