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py-pyfftw 0.10.4 pythonic python wrapper around FFTW
py-pyfftw3 0.2.2 Python bindings to FFTW3
py-pygeos 0.9 PyGEOS is a C/Python library with vectorized geometry functions.
py-pygpu 0.7.6 Python wrapper for libgpuarray library
py-pyinterval 1.2.0 Interval arithmetic in Python
py-pymvpa 2.6.5 MultiVariate Pattern Analysis (MVPA) in Python.
py-pyqtgraph 0.11.1 Scientific Graphics and Qt GUI library for Python
py-pysparse 1.1.1 a fast sparse matrix library for Python
py-pywavelets 1.1.1 PyWavelets is a Python wavelet transforms module
py-scikits-bootstrap 1.0.0 Bootstrap confidence interval estimation routines for SciPy.
py-scikit-umfpack 0.2.3 scikit-umfpack provides wrapper of UMFPACK sparse direct solver to SciPy.
py-slepc4py 3.12.0 SLEPc for Python - Python bindings for SLEPc
py-snuggs 1.4.7 Snuggs are s-expressions for Numpy
py-statsmodels 0.12.2 Statistical computations and models for use with SciPy
py-sympy 1.7.1 Python module for symbolic mathematics.
py-tpot 0.11.7 Tree-based Pipeline Optimization Tool
py-triangle 20160203 Python binding to the triangle library
py-ufl 2018.1.0 Unified Form Language
py-uncertainties 3.1.5 The python uncertainties package.
py-xarray 0.16.2 Provides N-D labeled arrays and datasets in Python
pyxplot 0.9.2 Pyxplot is a multi-purpose graph plotting tool
qalculate-gtk 3.17.0 Qalculate! is a multi-purpose desktop calculator
qd 2.3.17 C++/Fortran-90 double-double and quad-double package
qhull 2020.2 Programs and library for computing convex hulls.
qrupdate 1.1.2 library for fast updates of QR and Cholesky decompositions
R 4.0.4 R is GNU S - an interpreted language for statistical computing
R-app 1.74 R GUI for Mac OS X
rb-bitset 0.6.2 BitSet Library for boolean operation
rb-narray 0.5.9p9 Numerical array package for ruby
reduce 20181123 REDUCE Computer Algebra System
rkward 0.6.5 KDE frontend to the R statistics language
sbsat 2.7b A state-based Satisfiability solver.
scalapack 2.1.0 A package for solving linear equations
scalc 1.15 tool for simple integer calculations or for converting numbers
sgd 2.1 Stochastic Gradient Descent
shogun 2.1.0 The machine-learning toolbox's focus is on large-scale kernel methods
shogun-devel 4.0.0 The machine learning toolbox's focus is on large scale kernel methods
shtools 4.8 Spherical Harmonic Tools
simstring 20140723 A fast and simple algorithm for approximate string matching/retrieval
singular 4.2.0p1 the Singular computer algebra system
slatec 4.1 Common Mathematical Library
slearp 0.95 structured learning and predict toolkit for tasks such as g2p conversion, based on discriminative leaning
slepc 3.13.2 Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations
smodels 2.34 stable model semantics for logic programs
sofia-ml 2011-06-20-r42 Suite of Fast Incremental Algorithms for Machine Learning
solid 3.5.7 SOLID is a software library for collision detection of geometric objects in 3D space
Sophus 1.0.0 C++ implementation of Lie Groups using Eigen
spot 2.9.6 Spot is an object-oriented model checking library written in C++.
sprng 1.0 Scalable Parallel Random Number Generators
stp 20150306 STP (Simple Theorem Provider)
SuiteSparse 5.7.2 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_AMD 2.4.6 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_BTF 1.2.6 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_CAMD 2.4.6 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_CCOLAMD 2.9.6 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_CHOLMOD 3.0.14 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_COLAMD 2.9.6 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_config 5.7.2 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_CSparse 3.2.0 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_CXSparse 3.2.0 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_GraphBLAS 3.2.2 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_KLU 1.3.8 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_LDL 2.2.6 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_Mongoose 2.0.4 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_RBio 2.2.6 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_SPQR 2.0.9 Sparse matrix routines
SuiteSparse_UMFPACK 5.7.9 Sparse matrix routines
sundials 3.1.2 SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic equation Solvers
sundials2 2.7.0 SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic equation Solvers
superlu 5.2.1 A package for solving linear equations
superlu_dist 6.3.1 A package for solving linear equations
svdlibc 1.4 SVDLIBC is a C library to perform singular value decomposition
symengine 0.6.0 a fast symbolic manipulation library
tablix 0.3.5 Kernel for solving general timetabling problems
taucs 2.2 C library of sparse linear solvers
tiemu3 3.03 Texas Instruments TI89, Titanium, TI-92, TI-92+, Voyager 200 multi-platform emulator
tilp2 1.18 Texas Instruments calculators linking program
TinySVM 0.09 Support Vector Machines (SVMs)
Vc 1.4.1 Portable, zero-overhead SIMD library for C++
vdt 0.4.1 A collection of fast and inline implementations of mathematical functions.
vecLibFort 0.4.2 Fortran interface to vecLib BLAS/LAPACK
viennacl 1.7.1 ViennaCL is a free open-source linear algebra library
voroxx 0.4.6 a software library for carrying out three-dimensional computations of the Voronoi tessellation
vowpal_wabbit 8.3.1 a fast online learning tool
wapiti 1.5.0 A simple and fast discriminative sequence labelling toolkit
wxMaxima 20.04.0 Graphical user interface for Maxima based on wxWidgets
x48 0.6.4 HP48 calculator emulator
xcalc 1.1.0 Scientific calculator for X11
xdrfile 1.1.4 Allows to read GROMACS trr and xtc files.
xgraph 12.1 VINT xgraph
xmfract 1.4 UNIX clone of the DOS based Fractint
xmgr 4.1.2 ACE/gr 2D plotting tool (Ancestor to Grace)
xplot xplot was written in the late 1980s to support the analysis of TCP packet traces.
xylib 1.2 library for reading x-y data files
yacas 1.3.2 Yet Another Computer Algebra System
yakmo 2015-01-21 C++ implementation of robust, efficient alternative k-means clustering
yamcha 0.33 Yet Another Multipurpose CHunk Annotator
z3 4.8.10 Z3 Theorem Prover
z3-fstar 4.8.5 F*-qualified release of the Z3 Theorem Prover
z3-java 4.8.10 Java bindings for the Z3 theorem prover

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