Total 36 Port(s) in Category: gnustep
Name Version Description
ArtResources 0.1.2 FreeFonts and Vera fonts for gnustep art backend.
Etoile 0.1.9 GNUstep based user environement
Etoile-devel 0.1.9 GNUstep based user environement
GMastermind 0.5 The well-known mastermind game.
GMines 0.1 The well-known minesweeper game.
GNUMail 1.2.0pre3 Fully featured mail application using GNUStep or Cocoa.
gnustep 0.18.1 GNUstep meta port
gnustep-back 0.17.0 A back-end component for the GNUstep GUI Library.
gnustep-base 1.19.1 A library of general-purpose Objective C objects.
gnustep-core 0.18.1 GNUstep core / Startup package
gnustep-dl2 0.10.1 GNUstep Database Library 2 (GDL2)
gnustep-gui 0.17.0 A library of graphical user interface Objective C classes
gnustep-make 2.7.0 GNUstep makefile package
gnustep-make-cocoa 1.13.0 GNUstep makefile package for the Cocoa API
gnustep-make-docs 1.13.0 GNUstep makefile documentation
Gomoku 1.2.6 extended TicTacToe game
gorm 1.2.1 Graphical Object Relationship Modeller
gworkspace 0.8.6 GNUstep's Workspace Manager.
HighlighterKit 0.1 Syntax highlighting framework
Jigsaw 0.5 Simulates a jigsaw puzzle.
KeyArcher 0.1 An interactive keyed-archive explorer.
netclasses 1.06 Asynchronous networking library
Pantomime 1.2.0pre3 a framework for supporing POP, IMAP3, and SMTP
Performance 0.2.5 Performance measuring classes
plconv 0.1 Convert between different property list formats
PreferencePanes 1.0.1 GNUstep's PreferencePanes.
PRICE 1.3.0 A high-quality image manipulation and enhancement application.
ProjectCenter 0.6.2 GNUstep's integrated developement environment (IDE).
ProjectManager 0.2 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for GNUstep
Renaissance 0.8.0 create user interfaces via XML files
Renaissance-Framework 0.8.0 create user interfaces via XML files
SQLClient 1.2.0 Simple OO Interface to SQL databases
system-preferences 1.0.1 GNUstep's System Preferences.
TalkSoup 1.0alpha IRC client for GNUstep.
WizardKit 0.1 Wizard-style setup framework
yap-app 0.2 PostScript/PDF previewer

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