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Name Version Description
auto-multiple-choice 1.4.0-201812291614 Auto Multiple Choice - Multiple Choice Papers Management
auto-multiple-choice-devel 1.4.0-202004101300 Auto Multiple Choice - Multiple Choice Papers Management
kanatest 0.4.8 Kanatest is a Japanese kana (Hiragana and Katakana) simple flashcard tool.
klavaro 1.8.1 A clean, full-featured typing tutor.
nightshade 10.2.1 Nightshade Anstronomy Simulator
solfege 3.22.2 Ear training software
tagainijisho 1.0.3 A free Japanese dictionary and study assistant
tuxmath 2.0.3 Kids math game - help Tux, the Linux Penguin shoot down attacking math questions!
tuxtype 1.8.3 Learn to type with Tux, the Linux Penguin!
WW 2.2 A command line tool to disaggregate Scantron or ZipGrade pre- and post-test responses into Walstad and Wagner learning types (Walstad and Wagner 2016) and adjusts them for guessing (Smith and Wagner 2017).

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